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User Manual (Rules List: Read Before You RP)

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User Manual (Rules List: Read Before You RP) Empty User Manual (Rules List: Read Before You RP)

Post by Guest on Mon May 19, 2014 5:26 pm

Equestria has changed forever . . .

19 years after New Dawn, 40 years after the show, the rogue AI Lex has one goal: kill all ponies. The last survivors live in an underground bunker in the badlands. They are The Resistance. This is their story.

This is a real-time format RP. Answers are usually short and there is a few minutes between replies. Use ((double parenthesis)) for anything Out-Of-Character, such as a farewell goodnight or AFK heads-up. And remember, we have a chat box on the front page. Have your discussions there or in PM.


You should all know the rules by now since they're pretty easy to follow, but I will list them anyway:

- No Extremely overpowered characters. They must have some kind of weakness.

- Follow the combat rules at all times during a fight.
- Strength beats Skill
- Skill beats Speed
- Speed beats Strength
- If two characters of the same combat type fight, it will end in a tie.
- Nobody dies.
- The only exceptions to these rules are if both parties agree that there should be an exception for the fight.

- Respect your fellow RPers. Basically, just play nice.

- Don't go overboard with swearing. Swearing is allowed, but we don't want to read nothing but curse words.

- Respect your admins. If an admin tells you to do something, just do it, even if it seems unfair. If the admin treated you unfairly, post it in the complaint box and we'll take a look.

-You may only play up to four characters at a time. We're RPing here, not writing a novel..

- Have fun! There's no sense in RPing if you don't make the most of it!

This is a SFW thread. No clop, no gore. Two characters are allowed to slip away into their private quarters together, but the scene itself will be skipped. You can have blood drip from a soldier's wounds, but don't go overboard with it.

Your roster of characters will only be composed of pony characters, with 2 exceptions: 1) Twi and Lex, who are AI characters, and 2) a robot character, which is not something everyone can have. You must ask Lunartic for permission to use one, but know that he will most likely deny it, so as a general guideline, ponies only.

Your characters must be able to follow orders given by their commanding officers. All characters report to Charcoal. Ponies in The Resistance who reject orders are removed from the premise, so don't even bother making one who can't do what they're told.

Admins deserves the right to edit/add/remove any rule.

Please PM an admin should you be unsure of anything.

Lunartic's the director of this RP, so fire your questions at him or leave them in Technical Support.

Strike System

Strike One - You are given a warning.
Strike Two - Your RPing privileges are revoked for a day.
Strike Three - Your RPing privileges are revoked a week.
Strike Four - You are banned from the RP.

If you argue with an admin about your banning or post in the RP while banned, you will be banned from the site.



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