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Post by Starlight Glimmer on Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:51 pm

Greetings RPers!  Welcome to the “Genesis RP” official character list.  

This thread has one purpose and one purpose only: to be a quick reference guide in regards to any and all player characters. It is here you will post your character details. Specifically, what is required of you--the RPer--are your pony’s physical attributes:

Age group
Coat color
Mane color & Style.
Eye color
Cutie mark & talent.  
(A picture is highly encouraged.)

As well, please include your chosen text colour.

Beyond that, you can add other details at your leisure--some brief background history, personality traits, etc., etc., etc.
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Characters list Empty Re: Characters list

Post by Rebel Brony on Fri Aug 26, 2016 1:45 am

Main Protagonists

Name: Smoke Stack
Age group- 16
Gender- Mare
Race- Pegasus
Coat color- Cream yellow
Mane color & Style- Cyan, combed back neatly straight.
Eye color- Purple
Accessories- Wears a sailor's uniform to blend in with the crew.
Cutie mark & talent- Rope and Anchor. Can tie good knots and is good at repairing things
Personality- A mare who believes she has a massive chip on her shoulders. She's too adventurous for her own good and often comes at odds with other ponies. She tends to sneak aboard ships and goes from coast to coast. Though, she also has very little idea of her past.

Name: Thunderstruck
Age group: 33
Gender: Stallion
Race: unicorn
Coat color: Black, but has scars all over his body which adds some discoloration.
Mane color & Style: Red and messy.
Eye color: Icy blue.
Accessories: Cutlass on his side and a tattered old cloak. He also wears a hat.
Cutie mark & talent: Stormcloud with lightning. Control of electricity.
Relationships: TBD
Combat type: Skill
Personality/backstory: As a young foal he traveled Equestria with two ponies, Morning Song and Fighting Chance, and eventually they ended up in a town called Ponyville. He would make several friends there and even develop his first crush. He was always a troubled foal and one day he discovered that the two ponies he'd known all his life lied to him. They were actually his parents and not long after his mother was killed and he fell into a state of depression and anger. His father met another mare named Lumina and they eventually got together. He started to overcome his depression and was even going to Canterlot to study under Celestia. However, two of his friends died and his step mother was killed. His father became an alcoholic and Thunder became addicted to drugs, alcohol, and sex. One of his friends, a pony named Sprocket, went after him and upon discovering what was going on managed to get Thunder to come to his senses. Later, he would have a family and he'd live happily with all the ponies he loved dearly. However, during an attack he was forced to use a huge burst of magical energy that forced him into another universe. He's the captain of a ship, but his mind is on the brink of insanity.

Name: Melody
Age group: 21
Gender: Mare
Race: Earth Pony
Coat color: Purple
Mane color & Style: Green. Long and fluffy
Eye color: Brown
Relationships: Thunder's sister. Single.
Accessories: Carries around an ocarina and also wears a special necklace.
Cutie mark & talent: Music note. Is a very talented musician.
Combat Type: Skill
Personality/background: Fairly cheery and upbeat. She's not really big on sailing, but Aurora was determined to get her on board. However, she also worries about Thunder and feels that they've been starting to drift apart. She notices her brother is at times starting to lose it, and is afraid she can't help him.


Name: Slip Stream
Age group: 19
Gender: Mare
Race: Pegasus
Coat color: Grey
Mane color & Style: Pixie cut, Brown.
Eye color: Blue
Accessories: When not engaged in combat, she wears a formal officers uniform. Though she will take it off in order to fight. Wears hourglass necklace, possible relic.
Cutie mark & talent: Shoe with wings. Leadership and efficiency.
Combat Type: Speed
Personality/backstory: Prefers to keep her history to herself and has a bit of a cocky attitude. She's the first mate of a ruthless pirate and also member of a secret organization. She tends to manipulate ponies to her cause.

Name: Inferno
Age group: 35
Gender: Stallion
Race: Unicorn
Coat color: Red
Mane color & Style: Black and slicked back.
Eye color: Orange
Accessories: Captains uniform. pendant around neck.
Cutie mark & talent: Fireball. Can create fire.
Background/personality: A controlling and mad pony, that only cares for himself. Nopony knows where he's from, all that's known is he is cruel and merciless.

Side Characters

Name:North Bound
Age group: 23
Gender: Stallion
Race: Unicorn
Coat color: Orange
Mane color & Style: Purple and Yellow. Parted
Eye color: Blue
Relationships: Blip's best friend.
Accessories: Standard uniform. Binoculars.
Cutie mark & talent: Compass. Good at navigation.
Background/Personality: Joined the navy with Blip, they've been best buds ever since. He hasn't been on good terms with his family in years and on his time of he tends to frequent bars and taverns. He gets along with others, but hasn't shown much real romantic interest towards anyone.

Name: Blip Check
Age group:24
Gender: Stallion
Race: Earth Pony
Coat color: Dark Green
Mane color & Style: Orange and short
Eye color: Orange
Relationships: North's best friend.
Accessories: Radar technician uniform.
Cutie mark & talent: Radio. Good at working with electronics.
Background/Personality: His family passed on when he was young, though he frequents bars he avoids drinking while on the job. He enjoys his life on the ship. Though, he finds himself wanting a family and says he'd quit drinking for it.

Name: Cloud Breaker
Age group:30
Gender: Stallion
Race: Pegasus
Coat color: Blue
Mane color & Style: White and short.
Relationships: N/A
Eye color: Grey
Accessories: Flight suit
Cutie mark & talent: Wind gust. Skilled at dodging and evading.
Background/Personality: By the book, from a long line of flying aces and is one himself. Known for a no nonsense attitude on missions, while very laid back when he can get away with it.

Name: Sky Dancer
Age group: 27
Gender: Mare
Race: Pegasus
Coat color: Light pink
Mane color & Style: Light purple. curly
Eye color: Blue
Accessories: Flight suit
Cutie mark & talent: Wings and lightning bolt. Squeezing into tight spaces.
Background/Personality: Very bubbly and easy going, though she can seem naive, she can also do things that would make lesser ponies shiver. Her father is a noble in Canterlot, and is part of the reason she joined a scouting squadron.

Age group:8
Gender: Female
Race: Earth pony
Coat color: light orange
Mane color & Style: lime and combed
Eye color: blue
Cutie mark & talent: Open Scroll, diplomatic speech

Age group: 8
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Coat color: Light blue
Mane color & Style: sandy brown colored and unkept
Eye color: green
Cutie mark & talent: Rake with three leaves.

Name: Red Cross
Age group: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Coat color: magenta
Mane color & Style: Aqua, ponytail
Eye color: light green
Accessories: Doctor's coat and hat.
Cutie mark & talent: Syringe. Medical expert.
Background/personality: A prodigy in the medical field, who is focuses more on her work than those around her.

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Characters list Empty Re: Characters list

Post by Starlight Glimmer on Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:11 pm

Name:Aurora Blaze
Age: 20+
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Coat Color: Cyan
Mane Color: Rainbow streaks
Many Style: Neatly combed straight forward
Eye Color: Magneta
Accessories: VR Goggles, Naval officer gear.
Cutie Mark: An open book with Rainbow streaks across it.
Talent: Super Memory
Relationship: ???
Occupation: Ship's First Mate
Personality/Backstory: Gave up a ambitious career at the physics lab to travel around the world with Thunder. Laidback & rather lazy. Doesn't have a fixed home and rather stay on the ship... Most harass her 2nd Mate to do work.

Characters list Char_-_Rainbow_Dash

Precision Wind
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Colors: As pictured below.
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 25
Accessories: Armored tactical suit
Cutie Mark: Tornado with 3 claw marks
Rank: Flying officer
Relationship: ???
Occupation: Chief Petty Officer, In charge of Wonderbolts SQN
Personality/Backstory: Dedicated Wonderbolt leader who was sent to the Navy after his Captain couldn't find a spot for him in the main squad.

Characters list 944988__source+needed_safe_artist-colon-ralek_oc_oc+only_oc-colon-umami+stale_armor_enclave_fallout_grand+pegasus+enclave_hellfire+armor_male_mg42_pega

Deep Anchor
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Colors: As pictured below.
Age: 30
Accessories: Naval vest
Cutie Mark: An anchor surrounded by flames
Talent: Navigation
Relationship: Married to a royal guard, had a 2 year old filly back in Canterlot
Occupation: 2nd Mate/2O - In charge of navigation, traffic management, etc.
Rank: Lieutenant
Personality/Backstory: TBC

Characters list Ivory_night___mlp_oc_by_ignissorceressfa-d5vgx3r

Temporarily Staff?
Race: Gryhon
Colors: Brown, green & white.
Age: 28
Accessories: TBA
Cutie Mark: None.
Personality/Backstory: TBA

Colors: Black & Green
Age: 35
Accessories: Naval Uniform, wears a locket. Has a photo book.
Cutie Mark: None.
Talent: Clairvoyance, the ability to see visions of ponies by thinking about them using pictures/magic. She can also see glimpses of what that pony is doing.
Relationship: None.
Occupation: Tactical Command Officer
Personality/Backstory: A governor's daughter that has a history of sailing.              

***Story Mode***

Apple Cider
Gender: Female
Race: Earth
Colors: Brown/Yellow
Age: 8
Accessories: A sling bag & locket
Cutie Mark: Cider Bottle with an apple mark.
Talent: Cooking
Relationship: Nobody, maybe except being part of the Apple's family?
Personality: Bubbly, inquisitive. Cries a lot when being attacked.
Hobbies: Trying various cooking methods. She holds a manehatten Cooking Junior's Champion award.
Occupation: Not sure, she's just a filly.
Personality/Backstory: Parents were killed by cultists and now under SS Lumina's crew protection. Currently helping Thunder & his crew members to save others from the same cultists.

Unknown status.
Steel Blade

Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Colors: Red & White
Age: 10
Cutie Mark: A single knife dripped in blood
Talent: Skillful with blades.
Relationship: Deep's son
Personality: Soft-spoken, emotional but seems to be hiding a secret agenda.... Often seen as a coward at times. He's also quite aloof and dreamy, appearing uninterested in things around him.
Hobbies: ????
Secret Organization: Spectre
Occupation: None.
Goals: ???
Notes: Received his cutey mark from stabbing his close friend.

Evening Vespers
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Colors: Green & White
Age: 19
Accessories: Legendary artifact named "Cronus Lute"
Cutie Mark: A single note.
Talent: Singing.
Relationship: Possibly with Smoke
Personality: Can be daring and mischievous, but has a hidden darker personality.
Hobbies: Exploring new places, outdoor activities, playing music & composing new melodies.
Secret Organization: Spectre
Magic type: Dark Magic.
Goals: To ensure the safety of the crown through unorthodox methods.
Notes: The youngest spymaster in Equestria's history.

False Visage AKA "Agent X" "Master of a thousand faces"
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn with some changeling blood
Colors: Shades of purple
Age: 24
Accessories: Legendary artifact "First Impression"
Cutie Mark: A golden mask.
Talent: Acting & Mastery of changeling magic, aided by the artifact.
Relationship: Unknown
Personality: Depends on the disguise he uses.
Hobbies: Watching plays & operas. Plays a ton of visual novel games.
Secret Organization: Ex-Spectre member & currently part of Inferno's group
Goals: To date Slip Razz
History: Former pony slave with unknown origins, he originally performed in a circus trope. Unfortunately, the circle trope shut down due to poor performance at sales. Recruited by Hawthone who valued his talents.....

Cloudy Cirrus
Race: Unicorn
Colors: Purple & White
Age: 9
Accessories: A stone necklace
Cutie Mark: Cloud with streaks of lightning.
Magic Type: Air
Occupation:School Student
Personality/Backstory: Stolen an ancient relic, and unable to control its powers.

Spell Bound
Race: Unicorn
Colors: Brown & White
Age: 15
Accessories: A slingbag
Cutie Mark: A book being strucked by lightning
Magic Type: A mix of water and dark, with dark being the stronger magic.
Occupation: Head of Reliquary & Royal Beast Master.  
Personality/Backstory: Vespers' younger sister.

Sky Gem {In Progess}
Race: Pegasus
Colors: Brown & White
Age: 15
Accessories: A slingbag
Cutie Mark: A book being strucked by lightning
Magic Type: A mix of water and dark, with dark being the stronger magic.
Occupation: Head of Reliquary & Royal Beast Master.  
Personality/Backstory: Vespers' younger sister.
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