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My Little Human -Intro/Rules; Please read before RPing.

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My Little Human -Intro/Rules; Please read before RPing.

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:40 am

A New Breed of Equestrians....

It happened five hundred years ago. History refers to it as "The Great Change". Everypony in Equestria and beyond was spontaneously transformed into strange bipedal beings in a bright flash of light. Ponies everywhere thought it was the end of the world itself. Pegasi couldn't fly, unicorn magic ceased to exist, and earth ponies lost their special connection to nature. But the world was not over, as many had thought. If anything, a whole new world had begun. While the new bodies had their limitations, it opened up a whole new world beyond the likes that ponykind had ever seen. Fingers allowed for easy picking up and operating of objects. No fur required constant clothing, that would give way to more individuality than ever seen. The world has sprung forward greatly, boasting advanced technology. Yet...there are still questions to be answered. To this day, no single Equestrian has figured out what exactly caused The Great Change, though it is still constantly being researched. Some say it was a scientific occurrence, and others call it a government conspiracy. For years, it has remained a secret. Our story begins twelve years after Twilight Sparkle's adventures with her friends, in the large and bright city of Manehatten, renowned as the technology capital of the world. It is here that Magitech, one of the biggest engineering companies in the world, is stationed, as well as many other large companies. This is a story about lies, justice, hope, and above all...change.

Official GDoc for members.

Post your submissions in the character list here: (Character list WIP)

This RP is in real-time format. Answers are usually short, and therefore so is usually time between replies. If you need to leave or go AFK, tell us in ((double parentheses)). Double parentheses is also what you will put anything OOC in, put please keep discussion to a minimum. We do have a chatbox for that.


  • No Extremely overpowered characters. They must have some kind of weakness.
  • Follow the combat rules (explained below) at all times when in fights.
  • No clop or excessive gore. Sexual connotations and a moderate amount of blood is allowed, but no showing direct intercourse, and no excessive gore. Nudity is allowed, but not in graphic detail, and in moderation.
  • Respect your fellow RPers. Basically, just play nice.
  • Don't go overboard with swearing. Swearing is allowed, but we don't want to read nothing but curse words.
  • Respect your admins. If an admin tells you to do something, just do it, even if it seems unfair. If the admin treated you unfairly, post it in the complaint box and we'll take a look.
  • You may only play up to four characters at a time. We're RPing here, not writing a novel.
  • No characters that don't fit in with the theme of the RP. In this case, this is a more industrialized world, so no talking animals or anything like that.
  • No ignoring people. If someone wants to join the scene, reply to them.
  • Have fun! There's no sense in RPing if you don;t make the most of it!


Break any of the rules, and you will receive a strike. We rely on a four-strike system.

Strike One - You are given a warning.

Strike Two - Your RPing privileges are revoked for a day.

Strike Three - Your RPing privileges are revoked a week.

Strike Four - You are banned from the RP.

If you argue with an admin about your banning or post in the RP while banned, you will be banned from the site.

With all that said, have fun and enjoy!


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