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FAQ for everypony/Recruitment/What we are.

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FAQ for everypony/Recruitment/What we are.

Post by Starlight Glimmer on Tue 6 Jun 2017 - 16:34


We are a small MLP FIM roleplaying community who mostly do roleplaying in short form style. Maybe like 1 sentence or so. There are no limits to word length but novel style is not encouraged. At this moment, we are seeking new directors that are able to direct their own story arcs (As well as new RPers). If there's a RP idea you'll like to put forward, we can discuss it in the chat box. (Such as Timezones) Once the idea is approved and things work out, we'll give you a sub forum & directorship (Mod status) where you can have your own rules and stuff for that particular RP.

The rules generally differ from section to section, but generally, don't be a dick and don't go overboard. Also, let bygones be bygones.

Feel free to PM if you need anything or make a suggestion.

Thank you.
Starlight Glimmer
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