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The Story so far.... (Under Construction)

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The Story so far.... (Under Construction)

Post by Starlight Glimmer on Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:11 pm

All updates will be posted here daily when the new RP commerce.

Main Current Arc:???

Co-current arcs: ???  

Current Shipping

Rainbow Dash X Fluttershy
Aura X Thunderstuck
Aurora X Moonlight
Cold Steel X Star
Umbra X Violet
Gear Smash X Vinyl Scratch
Firefly X Jolly

Unavailable Ships
Aurora X Novo
Sonus X Liu
Terra X Stigma
Florenza Violet X Faith

Possible Shipping
Requiem X Malevolent X Splice
Past Jeff X Melody
Chromium Red X Rolling Thunder
Trixie X Twilight Sparkle
Crimson X Cold Case

Major events that has ended
Jeff The Killer Arc
Utopia Arc
Four Winds of Destruction (Hosted By Lunar)
Log Book

Updates will be left to Mod's discretion since the takeover. I may do updates for here rarely, only in the event of arcs happening.

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