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City Of Canterlot WIKI. - Under Construction

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City Of Canterlot WIKI. - Under Construction

Post by Starlight Glimmer on Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:05 pm

Here you shall find more about the world NSFW is being set in... More details added over time.

Known Fractions, Culture and Beliefs:

La Resistance:
Headed by: Ryker & other fraction leaders mostly based in Canterlot and Crystal Empire

The original inhabitants of Canterlot and other lying areas. They decided to fight back the invading demons by forming a secret organization of their own to organize activities.

Ironhoof Empire (Demons) :
Reigning Monarch & Queen: King Malevolent & Queen Requiem

The demons came from far beyond the seas and a violet world when the gateway to Tartarus opened. They differ greatly than those of their counterparts although they may share similar appearances. It is said that some share sexual licentiousnes, as well as enjoying sex whenever they can. They are viewed with heavy mistrust initially from the local inhabitants when King Malevolent allowed the city to be plundered and looted for 3 days, as per the custom of the demons.

Current Iron hoof Empire Royal Family tree

Will Post a SS instead.


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