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Glossary (Definitions, Explanations, and Lore)

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Glossary (Definitions, Explanations, and Lore) Empty Glossary (Definitions, Explanations, and Lore)

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 17, 2014 3:06 pm

Being a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk-esque world, End of Time RP leaves a few questions open as to its mechanics and "unwritten rules". This is where you would find the answers. Also, before you make any objections to my logic, please consider the following...

This RP is based in a world where problems were once solved by 6 magical gemstones that fired rainbow laser beams.

The Resistance

The Resistance is a colony in the badlands. Almost the entire structure is deep underground, with only defensive structures and an observation deck built above ground. The latter is retracted and access is restricted during an attack. Each of the colony's residences must fill a role, perform a specific duty. A job, so to speak. In exchange for their service to The Resistance, they are given food, shelter, protection, and all other necessities. There is no form of currency in The Resistance: you support The Resistance, and it will support you.

Charcoal is the leader. All ponies in The Resistance report to her. She assigns ponies who are most qualified to lead divisions in The Resistance. These divisions include, but are not limited to:

- Research
- Military
- Agriculture
- Medical
- Catering
- Maintenance

These divisions may coincide with each other at certain points, and there may be multiple Commanders in a division who specialize in separate parts of the division or, such as the military, are responsible for a set group of ponies in the division. Ponies may also perform tasks that fall under multiple divisions, meaning they don't directly report to a single Commander, other than Charcoal.


With the threat of robotic annihilation looming over the colonists' heads, a strong military force is required for survival. 70% of The Resistance's working population reports directly to military command. 65% of them are soldiers who risk their life to protect ponykind. The other 35% are battle planners, engineers, technicians, equipment operators, and so on. All military members are combat trained and have at least one fully functional combat exosuit ready for deployment at all times.

The V-D Combat Powered Exoskeleton (commonly referred to as the Combat Exosuit) and its variations were designed to maximize and surpass a soldier's fighting capabilities. It acts as a durable, lightweight armour that increases the wearer's strength, speed and endurance, while also implementing other benefits according to the wearer's needs and preferences. Each exosuit is custom built to a soldier's liking. While this optimizes synergy with the wearer, it almost completely disallows for two ponies to use the same exosuit. While this may appear both time and resource consuming when compared to having stock assembly lines fabricate identical copies of each exosuit, with multiple lines to accommodate for the different builds in ponies, soldiers with custom-built exosuits have an average of 73% increase in combat effectiveness, an 86% decrease in injuries, and a 100% increase in a soldier's overall satisfaction with the suit. Some ponies have openly admitted to dreading exosuits, but quickly changed their mind and even went so far as to say they prefer wearing their exosuit to not when it was custom-built.

There are three base classifications for exosuits, each pertaining to a kind of pony:

E-Class, aka Brawler - The thick armour and close-quarters weaponry are commonplace in the Earth Pony-class exosuit. The joints are reinforced for increased durability, and retractable blades in the forearms are a favourite among skirmishers. The rear legs are strengthened for aerial manoeuvres, where they will pounce onto an enemy robot, and a stronger kick. They are the least complicated class exosuit, and is the only suit that retains effectiveness on low power.

P-Class, aka Striker -

U-Class, aka Impulse -



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