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My Little Human - Submission Thread/Character List

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My Little Human - Submission Thread/Character List

Post by Guest on Tue 22 Apr 2014 - 11:59

My Little Human - Character List

"We did it....we finally had a child. I'm so happy...for both of us. Now...let's see what this little one will look like..."

This thread is for the characters of the My Little Human RP. Post your characters below to be added into the RP. The attributes of your characters that you put down must include:

Skin Tone
Hair Style
Hair Color
Eye Color
Fashion Sense (Style of clothes they wear)
Abnormalities (tattoos, scars, cutie marks, etc.)
Occupation (if applicable)
Combat Type
A picture is not required, but highly recommemded.

There is no max character limit, but you may only play four characters at a time. At this point in time, you may only play as humans, but we are open to suggestions. Also, please stick to pony name. After all, this does take place in a pony world. Once you post your character, I will add your name and the character's name to the list. Have fun!

Star Struck
Random Struck
Dr. Hooves
Dinky Hooves

Derpy Hooves


Star Chaser

Rebel Brony

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Re: My Little Human - Submission Thread/Character List

Post by Guest on Tue 22 Apr 2014 - 12:40

Vinyl Scratch
Skin tone: Pale
Hair style: Spiky hair towards the front.
Hair color:Electric Blue with a Colbat streak.
Eye color: Magenta
Dress attire: A white tank top with a music symbol and a matching skirt. Nyan long socks and gloves.
Accessories: Vinyl's signature shades.
Occupation: Disc Jockey and highschool student.
Personality: Wild, carefree, and utterly crazy.

Name:Colour Spectrum
Skin tone: White..... No seriously it's white like paper.
Hair style: Spiky
Hair color:White
Eye color:Gray
Dress attire:Wears a black hoddie with a symbol of a a sword with wings on the back of it, black sun glasses, a white bandana, red gloves, and finally blue jeans.
Accessories: Spray paint cans
Occupation: Graffiti artist
Talents:An incredible artist.
Combat type:Skill
Backstory and personality:(TBA)

Skin tone:He is a regular looking white.
Hair style:Keeps it spiked up in the front.
Hair color: Brown
Fashion sense:Wears a red flannel and blue jeans.
Accessories: Monster hunting tools.
Occupation: Monster hunter and highschool student.
Combat type:Strength

Name:Star Struck
Gender: Female
Skin tone:White
Hair style: Long hair that goes all the way down to her mid back.
Hair color:Blonde with steaks of neon pink.
Fashion sense:She really likes whatever is in the new and fashionable. Currently she is wearing a pink short skirt, a strapless white tanktop, and a pair of sunglasses with lenses that are in the shape of stars.
Occupation: Highschool student.
Combat type:Speed
Backstory/Personality: She is a regular popular girl at school that dreams to one day be a supermodel. She came to Manehatten to pursue her goal with her older brother Random by her side. She is very seductive and likes to flirt all the time.

NameRandom Struck
Skin tone:White
Hair style:Messy
Hair color:Blonde with streaks of neon purple.
Fashion sense: Regular dress pants and a white shirt with a question mark on it.
Occupation: Highschool student
Abnormalities: Has a severe case of Multiply Personality Disorder.
Combat type:Strength
Backstory: Just a regular guy.... Who went through years of therapy.
#1Angel Guardian: Angel is a protective personality that holds Star dear to his heart. He sees Star as his little sister despite being a personality. Although he really cares for Star, he will sometimes go against her decisions because he thinks he knows what is truly best for her.

#2Tim Pervert: Tim or 'Pervert' is a very Perverted personality that often watches girls from afar with binoculars, or straight up trys to flirt with them and trys to get them in bed.

#3Cheeky Flameboyent: Cheeky, or 'Flameboyent' is a personality a lot like 'Pervert'...... Only he prefers males over females.

#4William Sherbert: William is a nice personality that knows that he is one and loves to eat ice cream and even believes that he owns a ice cream shop.

#5Johnny Dare: Johnny is a very reckless personality that loves to pull off dangerous stunts. Sadly these stunts could endanger the lives of all the personalities.

#6Indianna Stone: Indianna Stone is a personality that loves and usually sports a brown fedora. Like Pervert, he will try to flirt with others, but if he gets turned down he will gladly stop trying to flirt with them and will instead respect their decision.

Doctor Hooves
Skin Tone:A light skin tone
Hair Style:Messy with a shiny look to it.
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Brown
Fashion Sense: Likes to wear very neat looking dress wear. His current attire being a bowtie, a trench coat, and a pair of dress pants.
Accessories: He has a ton of weird and amazing gadgets. His most common and most used being his TARDIS and his son I screwdriver.
Occupation: Adventurer across time and space.
Combat Type:Skill
Skills/Talents: Extremely knowledgeable about the universe and multiple dimensions.
Personality/Backstory: While traveling traveling through different dimensions, he came across the land of Equestria. Upon arrivial, he was shocked to discover that his body had been changed into that of a pony's. He then found that his TARDIS was also in need of a bit of fixing. He then began his work on it with great difficulty, due to his lack of experience working with hooves instead of hands. Soon though a mailmare by the name of Derpy Hooves came to greet the Doctor. The Doctor then saw she could help him fix his TARDIS. He then instructed Derpy on fixing it and saw that she had great 'companion' material. After Derpy helped fix his TARDIS, the Doctor then offered her a chance to travel with him on adventures. Derpy gladly accepted and they began their journey together. They soon found love and, married to one another and had Dinky. One day, after returning from a adventure they all discovered that the dimension the Doctor came from had become intertwined... Or combined if you prefer to call it that. The world now resembled that of an alternate Equestria but instead of ponies, the inhabitants were humans.

Dinky Hooves
Skin Tone: Slightly tan.
Hair Style: Free flowing
Hair Color:Grayish gold.
Eye Color: Light gamboge
Fashion Sense: Kids clothes. Shorts, a regular T-shirt, and a backpack.
Accessories: A necklace with a hourglass.
Personality/Backstory: (WIP)

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Re: My Little Human - Submission Thread/Character List

Post by Starlight Glimmer on Tue 22 Apr 2014 - 13:12

Silver Malevolent
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Skin Tone:Fair
Hair Style:Short & Messy. (See below picture for reference,please)
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Red
Fashion Sense: Loose baggy clothes, and tuxedo, plus a top hat if he's working as a professional stage magician
Accessories: Sunglasses
Talents: Magic Tricks
Abnormalities (tattoos, scars, cutie marks, etc.)
Occupation: College student & Professional Street Magician
Combat Type: Skill
Relationship: Currently has an interest in Alyssa
Personality/Backstory: Being born to a pair gambling bankers, Mal soon realize that they would go broke faster than expected. Bills began to pile up.He had to think how to get money fast. When a traveling professional magician arrived in town, the aspiring teenager decided to leave school for a time and join up with him. Mal soon found how out he had a knack for performing magic tricks. Soon enough, he decided to put more shows around town to try and earn a decent living.

((Exactly the same look as above picture))

Derpy Hooves
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: Slightly tanned
Hair Style: Straight combed
Hair Color: Light Yellow
Eye Color: Dark Yellow
Fashion Sense: Causal wear; simple attire... smart blue uniform and a pit cap while delivering letters.
Accessories: Mail bag, a backpack in general.
Talents: ??? ((I don't know.))
Abnormalities: Lazy eye
Occupation: Royal Mail Delivery Service & Doctor Hooves assistant
Combat Type: Speed
Doctor Hooves (Husband)
Dinky Hooves (Daughter)
Personality/Backstory: ???

[[A/N: I have no idea what's Derpy's talent of bubbles represents. I'm sorry. Research suggests that the bubbles represent more of her bubbly personality than anything else.]]

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Re: My Little Human - Submission Thread/Character List

Post by Sorrow872 on Wed 23 Apr 2014 - 4:48

Name: Alyssa
Age: She is 17 years old
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: Fairly light skin.
Hair Style: Longish hair, bangs in front and hanging free down her back
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Fashion Sense: She usually either wears hoodies (black / white / red) or light clothing (t-shirts, shoulder free shirts, tank tops, usually in black or white), depending on her mood (and the temperature). Other than that she seems to be always wearing skinny jeans.
Accessories: Necklace with a cross on the end

(tattoos) She has several tattoos, 'still alive' written on her left wrist, 'love' written on the fingers of her left hand and 'hate' written on the fingers of her right hand.
Her entire right arm is covered in a tattoo made with white ink, running up to her right shoulderblade. This tattoo shows vines which start on her right wrist and curl up around her arm until they end in a rose on her shoulderblade.
She has barbed wire tattooed around her neck
(piercings) She has snake bites (Piercing, please don't google snake bites without putting piercing behind it if you don't know what a snake bite piercing is, because otherwise you're just gonna find pictures of people who were bitten by snakes and that doesn't look nice)
Her tongue is pierced.

Occupation: She goes to school and is an ongoing musician.

Combat Type: Speed

Skills/Talents: Rapping and singing

Personality/Backstory: She grew up in the big town of Manehattan and became 'rebellious' during her teenage years. However, her parents don't mind at all and allow her to do pretty much everything. The rest of her family is rather rich, but Alyssa refuses to use the money her parents give her herself and started giving it to homeless people. As her parents found out about this they stopped giving her money, which is the reason she steals from her parents and sneaks out at night to give it to people she considers in need of it. She is very flirtatious and makes a lot of stupid sex jokes.

Picture to be coming.


Name: Harper
Age: She is 17 years old
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair Style: Her hair is a little shorter than Alyssa's, other than that she has the same hairstyle.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Fashion Sense: She usually wears dresses.
Accessoires: She wears two bracelets. one on each wrist.

(tattoos) She has a pentagram tattooed onto her back
(Piercings) She has a tongue and an eyebrow piercing

Occupation: She goes to school

Combat type: Skill

Skill / Talents: She is an necromant. Other than that she loves to paint.

Personality / Backstory: She is Alyssa's twin sister and was raised under the same circumstances. While she has a rather dirty humor and is very flirty as well she doesn't leave the house quite as much as Alyssa does.


Name: Shade Shine
Age: She is 17 years old
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: She has a light complexion
Hair Style: Her hair is on chest length, most of the time a little bit messy.
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Her eyes have a slightly reddish shade.

Fashion Sense: Usually ripped clothes, her favorite piece of clothing is a denim jacket without arms, ripped at the shoulders. Other than that usually jeans in a similar style, often with one leg ripped shorter than the other.
Accessoires: She is wearing a collar around her throat and has spiky bracelets on her wrists.


Occupation: She probably goes to school

Combat type: Speed

Skill / Talents: She does have talents though she doesn't like to tell everybody about them. Other than that she's mostly known for having been singer in a band for about a week till she stopped coming to the practice meetings out of boredom and was exchanged for someone more reliable.

Personality / Backstory: She used to be an orphan but was adopted in her early teens. Right now she lives on her own though.

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Re: My Little Human - Submission Thread/Character List

Post by Raryn on Wed 23 Apr 2014 - 8:14

Name: Star Chaser
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: Dark tan
Hair Style: Long ponytail
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown

Fashion Sense: Tight fitting clothes that aren't easy to grab onto and her trademark pale yellow cloak.

Accessories: An eye patch over her left eye

(Scars) A large scar across the left side of her face. Missing her left eye. Various scars covering her arms.
(Tattoos) A large red star on her left shoulder.

Occupation: Modern-day vigilante and do-gooder/Squatter

Combat Type: Skill

Skills/Talents: Various hand-to-hand combat types and weaponry skills.

Personality/Backstory: (WIP)

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Re: My Little Human - Submission Thread/Character List

Post by Rebel Brony on Wed 23 Apr 2014 - 9:06

Name: Ryder
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Skin Tone: White and very slightly tan.
Hair Style: Short and combed
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Fashion Sense: He prefers blue jeans and a t-shirt.
Accessories: Wears a watch on his left wrist
Abnormalities: None
Occupation: Student/waiter/excellent hand-to-hand fighter
Combat Type: Skill
Skills/Talents: Very good at writing, has experience dealing with knifes, not great with firearms.
Personality/Backstory: Typically very nice and caring. He prefers to live alone and doesn't like to say much about himself. All he'll say is he moved her to stay out of trouble. He also sees the whole city of Manehattan as rotten and wants nothing to do with it.

Name: Skinner
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Skin Tone: Tanned Caucasian.
Hair Style: Longer than most guys, but not as long as a woman's. Straight and silky.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Fashion Sense: White wifebeater with a black leather jacket and blue jeans.
Accessories: Carries a small pistol and a pocket knife.
Abnormalities: Eyepatch over his right eye.
Occupation: Leads a branch of a notorious gang.
Combat Type: Skill
Skills/Talents: Good leadership and a capable fighter.
Personality/Backstory: Always seems annoyed and grumpy. Also, has a personal grudge with Ryder for losing his eye.

Name: Wanderer
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: Tan looking skin. Think asian.
Hair Style: Keeps her hair about neck length.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Fashion Sense: Prefers loose fitting clothes and wears clothes that allow her to move freely without restraint.
Accessories: Wears a cross necklace.
Abnormalities: Has a scar on her cheek.
Occupation: Skilled assassin, though she doesn't really do much with that. As her name implies she just goes and does what's convenient at the time.
Combat Type: Skill
Skills/Talents: Capable at motivation and reasoning. Also, knows several tricks to get out of a sticky situation.
Personality/Backstory: TBA

Name: Retriever
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Skin Tone: An Italian looking skin tone. ((Razz))
Hair Style: Buzzcut
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: black
Fashion Sense: Loves to wear wifebeaters with blue jeans and a Hawaiian button up shirt.
Accessories: Anything he can carry in his pockets.
Abnormalities: None
Occupation: Trained assassin/bodyguard.
Combat Type: Speed
Skills/Talents: Talented with weapons and capable of fighting.
Personality/Backstory: TBA

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Re: My Little Human - Submission Thread/Character List

Post by Guest on Wed 23 Apr 2014 - 12:39

Name: Riley
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: A bit lighter, but not completely white.
Hair Style: Usually pulled back, but goes down to about her shoulders when not.
Hair Color: Light Red
Eye Color: Orange
Fashion Sense: Likes to wear jackets, and often wears ties as well.
Accessories: Is almost always seen with a video camera at her side.
Abnormalities: Daignosed with ADHD, which means that she is prone to having a large amount of energy, be it happy or angry. If she gets too overly energetic, she can have a psychotic episode, at which point she is encouraged to take a pill prescribed to her.
Occupation: High school student.
Combat Type: Speed
Skills/Talents: She is an aspiring journalist, so she's very good at writing, and also shows some very good cinematography skills.
Personality/Backstory: Riley was born and raised in Manehatten, and ever since she was young, questioned everything. Throughout her life, she devoted herself to exposing the truth and answering what many thought could be unanswered. Her biggest goal in life is to one day solve what caused The Great Change. Naturally, she is somewhat nosy, and can come off as annoying. She also suffers from ADHD, hence why she's somewhat of an outcast at school. However, Riley still cares for the ones she loves and her friends.

Name: Silver Shores
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Skin Tone: Somewhat tanned.
Hair Style: Kept rather short, often well-combed.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Fashion Sense: Likes to look stylish with expensive suits and watches.
Accessories: Often seen with a pair of black sunglasses.
Abnormalities: N/A
Combat Type: Strength
Occupation: Accomplished actor.
Skills/Talents: Obviously, he is very good at acting and the performing arts, as well as being generally charming. He is also rather good with a gun, due to his past life.
Personality/Backstory: Silver was born in Los Pegasus to a loving, but struggling family. His parents had to work multiple jobs just to bring food to their family. All his life, Silver wanted to help his parents in any way possible, and found it when he was seventeen years old, joining a group of bank robbers. The group did well, bringing in large amounts of money. And while his parents didn't approve of it, they couldnt deny that they needed it. However, after one heist went wrong, leaving Silver nearly dead and his teammates scattered, he quit the life, never looking behind him. Not knowing what to do, he tried many different things, before eventually discovering that he was good at expressing his emotions through acting. He started off small in a few stage productions, but Silver's career unexpectedly took off when he was contacted for a movie, and later won multiple awards for his performance in said movie. He was soon scoring roles everwhere, and earning tons of money, which made his family's troubles disappear. Silver eventually moved to Manehatten to be closer to modern society. Currently, he is an extremely famous movie star and the crush of many teenage girls around the world.

Name: Arcus
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Skin Tone: A bit darker.
Hair Style: Kept short.
Hair Color: Brown.
Eye Color: Silver
Fashion Sense: Dresses in layers. Usually in all black.
Accessories: Multiple weapons strapped around his body.
Abnormalities: Has a large scar across his face.
Combat Type: Strength
Occupation: Mercenary for hire.
Skills/Talents: Good with guns, explosives, and any other type of weapon.
Personality/Backstory: Arcus was the leader of Silver's old gang, long before Silver even joined. He was raised on the streets of Los Pegasus, never a stranger to criminal activity. He joined his first gang at twelve, a small gang that performed a few stick-ups. He did it to support his family, and still barely scraped by. However, as the years went past, he found himself moving up in the criminal world. Arcus began building his own gang. A gang that would come to rob many banks across the city. Arcus and his gang were living the high life. That is, until one job went terribly wrong, leaving many of his teammates dead, and himself terribly injured. Still, Arcus managed to somehow escape the mess, but was forced to lay low. To this day, Arcus works as a simple mercenary leader, performing jobs for different people across Equestria.

Name: Sun Dawn
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair Style: Medium length, well combed.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Fashion Sense: Very professional attire.
Accessories: N/A
Abnormalities: N/A
Combat Type: Skill
Occupation: CEO of Magitech.
Skills/Talents: Brilliant leader, strategist, and business owner.
Personality/Backstory: Sun was quite literally born into the Magitech company, inheriting it from her father, who had inherited it from his before, and so on. She has worked hard on keeping Magitech at it's glory. And she will do anything to keep it...[/color]

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Re: My Little Human - Submission Thread/Character List

Post by Guest on Mon 26 May 2014 - 12:31

Name: Scarlet Rose
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: White
Hair Style: With loose bangs and a ponytail
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Hazel
Fashion Sense: Casual blue jeans and graphic t-shirts
Accessories: Glasses
Abnormalities: A tattoo of a rose and chain on her right forearm
Occupation: Autobody Mechanic Apprentice
Combat Type: Strength
Skills/Talents: Knowledge of cars and engines
Personality/Backstory: Scarlet's family has been in Manehatten since before "The Change", and they have aptly kept up with the city's industrialization. Her father is the manager of an auto-mobile factory, and her mother is a millwright in a steel mill. After graduating high school, she was accepted for an apprenticeship in an autobody repair shop. And she loves it. The hard work required for the job keeps her in good physical shape as well. When she's not working, she's often travelling the city on her longboard or holed up in her room with a good e-book.


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Re: My Little Human - Submission Thread/Character List

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